Rohan Koodli

PhD Student at Stanford

I'm a PhD student at the Stanford AI Lab (SAIL), advised by Ron Dror, where I develop ML methods for molecular biology applications. Previously, I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, where I earned my Bachelor's and Master's degrees. As of summer 2023, I'm interning at Microsoft Research, working with Eric Horvitz.

At Berkeley, I was a member of the Yosef Lab, where I developed VAE models for single-cell genomics data as part of the scvi-tools team. Previously, I built RNA design algorithms and benchmarks in Rhiju Das's Lab. I've also interned at Google Cloud ('19), Google Search ('20), and Atomic AI ('22).

In my free time, I enjoy running, volleyball, and speed cubing. I support the Golden State Warriors and SF Giants, and have recently gotten into Formula 1. I also have a blog.

Recent Publications

PolyVI: Deep Generative Models for Gene Expression, Chromatin Accessibility, and Surface Protein Expression Data
Rohan V Koodli
Master's Thesis, May 2022

Redesigning the Eterna100 for the Vienna 2 folding engine
Rohan V Koodli, Boris Rudolfs, Hannah K Wayment-Steele, Eterna Structure Designers, Rhiju Das
bioRxiv, August 2021
bioRxiv Code

EternaBrain: Automated RNA design through move sets and strategies from an Internet-scale RNA videogame
Rohan V Koodli, Benjamin Keep, Katherine R Coppess, Fernando Portela, Eterna participants, Rhiju Das
PLOS Computational Biology, June 2019
Paper Code Cover art

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